Hi, I'm Danielle an award-winning entrepreneur, author, podcast host, and gamified speaker

I represent the 2% of Black women in the c-suite

I’m Danielle Meadows-Stinnett, a multi-business owner, published creative,  certified prompt engineer, podcaster, strategist, wife and mama of 3. I’m also a lover of Italian food, chai, cosplay, nerd lore and retro gaming.

I have spoken across years of national and regional conferences and international summits to help small businesses and multi-business owners muster the realm around there digital marketing, meeting people in whatever marketing realm they’re in.

As a woman of color in tech I proudly represent the near 2% of Black women in the c-suite and the 7% of women of color in the industry.


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As a third generation entrepreneur I am an advocate for non traditional education leading online meetups and workshops for DIY marketing.

My published prompt journal “The Playbook: Gamified Small Business Journal” details branding and social media strategies for small businesses that are engaging and interactive, just like a video game or board game quest.

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I teach others how to play / work faster

Being a certified prompt engineer allows me to teach more people about the positive power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ways to use AI to level up their own marketing, such as:

  • Systems & Automation
  • Ideation Processes
  • Data Research & Analysis 

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I built this company

I am CEO & Creative Director of Octane Design Studios, a 14 year old branding and identity firm based in the heart of Kentucky.

With 15 years of visual strategy and multimedia agency experience, I have helped develop and launch hundreds of small businesses across America; ⅔ in Kentucky.

Through my own authenticity I help others be themselves, monetize their superpower and build community with it.

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I run & lead communtities

In 2021 I launched Kentucky Creatives a resourceful Kentucky based membership community comprised of influencers, bloggers, photographers, copywriters, podcasters and more to help connect Kentucky small businesses with Kentucky digital creators. 

Kentucky creatives showcases my passion for collaboration and community building.

I vocally advocate for women in tech

My Life Is #MoreThanGraphics

As much as I am passionate about providing creative services I strive to be more than just the graphics I create. Over the years my hashtag #MoreThanGraphics has become more than just a marketing slogan; its become a life principle for myself that I execute through storytelling and round table discussions with my co-hosts, all women of color as producer of the #MoreThanGraphics podcast.

Through webinars,  in person workshops and varying levels of speaking engagements. I share my love of applying the ‘strategy of play’ throughout seasons of life as a professional creative,  a wife,  mother of multiracial sons and a nerd fanatic. 

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“This is it, no turning back now” -Kevin McCallister

I invite you to play at my table and explore new realms of marketing and self discovery in tech through my in person or virtual presentations.


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I’m relatable in Tech /Family/Nerd spaces:

  • Share inspirational & challenging lessons & entrepreneurial experiences
  • Give relatable & actionable steps / tools / resources to use in the creative and tech spaces 
  • Create conversation that converts, to endorse products or events in alignment with my brand.
  • Share Stories that inspires / advocates for important causes in alignment with brand

I speak to all people who want to listen! I enjoy speaking to kids, young adults or business owners of all backgrounds that are interested in topics around marketing entrepreneurism, creativity,  AI and big tech. 

MTG broadcasts once at the end of each month across Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube.

I solo broadcast on my youtube channel ‘The Retro Pixel Sorceress’ dedicated to gamified learning around marketing and tech every 2 weeks. 

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